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Common Areas to Find Mold in Your Home

Published on September 14, 2023

When a light bulb burns out, or the fridge breaks down, the effects are immediate and obvious. But not every household problem is as easy to spot. Mold inspection in Mississauga with MoldTech is a valuable service that can help locate and identify a common problem in homes: mold growth. While attic mold removal is one of our most frequently requested services, mold can grow in any room and often spreads to adjacent spaces too. Here are the seven most common areas we find mold growth in homes: 

The Attic

attic mold inspectionMold loves to grow where there’s plenty of moisture, poor airflow, and little foot traffic, and attics tend to have all three of these conditions! For most of us in Mississauga, our attic hatch is small and difficult to access, making regular check-ups an easy-to-forget chore. Attics that suffer from mold can affect the home’s entire ecosystem, with knock-on effects like poor air quality, high heating and cooling bills, and expensive damage. 

The Basement

At the opposite end of the house, the basement is also at risk for mold growth — especially if you’ve had a flood or live in a flood-prone area. Water and humidity can quickly enter and get trapped in the basement, so one of MoldTech’s top recommendations is to increase air circulation downstairs. This helps moisture dry up and move on, creating a less welcoming environment for mold. 


Drips and floods from the roof or upper floors can quickly spark mold infestations in the ceiling, leaving little evidence of something wrong. Watch out for musty odours, discolouration, or peeling paint. 

The Laundry Room

There are plenty of delicious food sources for mold in the laundry room, with its wet and humid environment. Damp clothes, cardboard boxes, under-sink cupboards and hidden areas behind the washer and dryer are all common places or objects attacked by mold. 

The Kitchen

While everyone has found a mouldy fruit or two at the bottom of the basket, the kitchen mold we’re worried about is harder to spot. Your refrigerator and oven may create warm microclimates behind and underneath — add a bit of kitchen grime and some steam or water, and you may have a new mold colony cookin’! Moving these appliances to clean around them a few times a year can help prevent this hidden mold growth. 


The bathroom is FULL of ongoing drips, splashes, and sitting water, making it one of the most likely rooms to suffer from mold problems. At MoldTech, we pay special attention to bathrooms without windows or fans — humid air from bathing or washing can quickly build up in these spaces. We recommend cracking the window or installing a fan to help move moist air along. 

The Crawlspace

If your home has a crawlspace, it may suffer from all the same issues as the basement — or may even be worse. Crawlspaces that are wholly closed-off or have dirt floors may need fans or dehumidifiers to keep mold at bay.

Professional Mold Remediation

Have a question about attic mold removal or want to hunt down hidden mold in your home with a mold inspection in Mississauga? The MoldTech team is ready to help you with our experienced, efficient and friendly team.

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