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Black Mold in Bathroom - Causes, Prevention and Removal

Published on October 10, 2019

The bathroom can be one of the worst places for mold growth in the entire home, where a small problem can quickly get out of control and necessitate a black mold removal in Toronto. Many bathrooms are ground zero for household mold issues because they host ideal conditions - but there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom less inviting to mold growth, and we’re going to cover some of those - and ways to have a safe black mold removal in Toronto - on the blog today. 

Why is There Mold in My Bathroom?

First, let's look at the reasons why mold growth is so prevalent in bathrooms. Mold needs a number of common ingredients for successful growth:

  • An even temperature
  • Organic material
  • Moisture

Let’s start with temperature - this one is pretty easy to quantify, since we air condition our homes  almost all year round, and bathrooms are usually small spaces with one air register. Organic material is also easy to find - wood cabinets, drywall, and even soap-scum covered materials all offer mold something tasty to snack on. Moisture is the biggest and most crucial ingredient when it comes to mold growth and it should be obvious that the bathroom is going to have water in spades. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, overflowing tub, or moisture-laden air, water can move into unwanted places and jumpstart mold growth and cause black mold symptoms very easily.

Where can I Find Mold in my Bathroom?

Regularly inspecting and looking around your home for mold growth (as well as paying attention to any black mold symptoms you may be experiencing) is the best way to catch any infestation in its beginning stages. Some of the places you can find mold in your bathroom are: 

  • Grout: Inspect the grouting in your shower or tub - mold can sometimes grow in this material because it holds moisture for longer than your tub or tiling. 
  • Under the sink: Small leaks or condensation on pipes, coupled with the dark and often undisturbed contents beneath sinks can be primary sites for mold problems in the bathroom.
  • Behind baseboards: Mold loves to grow where it can’t be seen, making baseboards the ideal cover for it. A persistent leak from the shower stall or behind the toilet may be enough to get mold started. 

How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Bathroom

The saying “prevention is nine tenths of the cure” is as true for mold growth as it is for medicine. At every black mold removal in Toronto that we do, prevention is one of our biggest focuses. Once the mold is gone, our tips to help keep it from coming back will help you make positive changes to your bathroom that will keep your home healthy and mold-free. 

Our top three tips for preventing mold growth in the bathroom are: 

  • Install An Exhaust Fan: If you’re a fan of long, hot showers, you’re probably inadvertently creating a great deal of airborne moisture. Water vaporizes at warm temperatures, which enables it to travel to unwanted areas with your bathroom or home. Installing an exhaust fan can help whisk that hot air out of your home and prevent it from settling in places where it may encourage mold growth. 
  • Reduce Standing Water: After you’ve bathed, squeegeeing down your tub or shower will help to move any residual moisture down the drain and prevent it from moving to other parts of the bathroom. 
  • Clean Clean Clean: We know you do this anyway, but a little bit more elbow grease and attention in certain areas can be extra helpful when it comes to mold prevention. Clean out old bottles or cardboard boxes under the sink - they’re magnets for mold growth - and spend a little time once a month wiping down and inspecting hard to reach places like behind the toilet, in corners, and around piping. 

What is the DIY approach? 

Many websites recommend the DIY approach when it comes to black mold removal in Toronto. At MoldTech we never recommend tackling mold removal on your own for two simple reasons: it’s dangerous and it almost never works. Mold is very easy to spread and can have serious, toxic effects on your health and safety without proper safety equipment, removal, and containment strategies in place. Products like vinegar, bleach, baking soda and other over-the-counter chemicals rarely have long-lasting effects on mold growth and often cause secondary damage to your property - leading you into a vicious cycle. A black mold test in Toronto can help you safely identify what’s happening in your home and ensure that you remove it safely and for good. 

When it is Time for Professional Mold Removal Help?

Any time you suspect there’s mold growth in your home or are experiencing black mold symptoms, it’s a good idea to call us at MoldTech for an assessment. A black mold test in Toronto will identify any objects or rooms affected by mold and leave you better equipped to make decisions about your mold removal or remediation strategy. 

How Can MoldTech Help?

The more professional your mold remediation team is, the better the long term outcome for you home and health is. Some things to look for when interviewing potential remediation companies include:

  • Professional Certifications and Memberships: This will show you that not only does the company take mold removal seriously, they also have the science, training, industry knowledge and standards to back them up. At MoldTech, we’re proud members of the Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the National Association of Mold Professionals and the Indoor Air Quality Association. 
  • Read Reviews: Websites like HomeStars allow consumers to safely and anonymously post comments and reviews about their experience working with different contractors. MoldTech is listed on HomeStars - read our reviews to learn more about what our customers think. 
  • Ask Questions: Any contractor who’s committed to doing a good job will be happy to answer your questions and thoroughly explain their process to you. At MoldTech we love to explain our process to you - the more you know, the better equipped you are to make the right decisions for your home. 

Stay Safe!

Keeping your bathroom mold free is an important part of your home’s overall health and safety. If you’re experiencing black mold symptoms or wish to book a black mold removal in Toronto, get in touch with the MoldTech team. For more information about how we can help you book an online consultation or by phone at 1-866-684-7684.

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