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Best Method To Remove Mold in Your House

Published on February 10, 2018

Contamination with mold can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in your home, which means that is is important to choose the best method to remove mold for lasting safety and peace of mind. Almost every home experiences mold growth at some point, but it’s important to keep your eye on any growth you spot and deal with it promptly before it gets out of hand. Mold needs an organic material to eat and a stable temperature - add a little water to the mix and it can begin to grow in 48 hours.

At MoldTech, we know that the best method to remove mold is the one that suits your home and its unique needs. Today on the blog we’re profiling four different methods that our technicians use to remove mold in residential and commercial properties. Each comes with different benefits and works best under different conditions.

Dry Ice Blasting

One of the mold removal methods we use is dry ice blasting, which is also known as ‘cryo-blasting.’ Dry ice blasting uses chilled carbon dioxide to knock mold off of a surface, which both removes and kills mold spores at the same time. Dry ice is the best method to remove mold in large spaces because it is relatively quick and also cost-effective - what may take weeks using a traditional method can often be finished in a few hours! Dry ice blasting does require an experienced remediator to ensure specialized tools and equipment are used safely and effectively.

Soda Blasting

This type of mold removal involves spraying sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) onto the surface being treated. At a high velocity, this specially formulated baking soda is both soft and sharp, and can quickly and effectively clean irregular surfaces without damaging the underlying material. Unlike sanding, which achieves a similar effect, soda blasting is quick, and is the best method to remove mold in difficult to reach spaces like attics and crawlspaces.


For this method of removing mold, a technician uses a sander with a specially constructed HEPA filter to grind down any mold growth. The HEPA filter ensures that the small particles released during the sanding process are caught and unable to spread to other rooms, and can be particularly effective where a personal touch is needed.

Chemical Wash

At MoldTech, our favourite method of removing mold is by using a chemical wash. We use a liquid fungicide to kill and remove mold in homes and commercial properties. When applied correctly, this product removes mold with little to no sanding or abrasion. It’s also safe to use in homes because it’s derived from natural sources, not petroleum by-products.

If you are unsure which kind of mold removal is the best and safest method for your needs, please get in touch with us at MoldTech! A qualified technician would be happy to explain the differences and to ensure that the best method to remove mold is used in your home. 

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