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10 Reasons to Hire An Attic Cleaning Service

Published on March 22, 2022

attic mold remediation TorontoWhat’s happening in your attic? If you don’t know the answer, you’re not alone — most of us rarely, if ever, look up there or do regular attic cleaning. Unfortunately, this often allows attic mold to grow out of control, making attic mold remediation in Toronto one of MoldTech’s most commonly requested services. If you haven’t considered professional mold testing or in-depth cleaning for your attic before, here are ten great reasons to book one with MoldTech this spring. 

1. Insulation inspection

One of the most common causes of attic mold growth is insufficient or outdated attic insulation that allows humidity to build up or become a problem. When you have a professional attic mold inspection, we’ll give you an opinion on whether insulation plays a role in your mold infestation and if it needs replacement.

2. Get rid of dust and dirt

Dusty attics are a stereotype for a reason — without regular cleaning and refreshing, dust particles and debris can build up. This debris can affect your indoor air quality and is a magnet for mold growth and other issues.

3. Pests

The attic can be home to four-, six-, and eight-legged pests that can destroy insulation, increase moisture, and leave droppings and other waste products that can severely damage your attic. Regular attic inspections can catch unwanted guests and help you evict them before they get settled in.

4. Close cracks and holes

Many attics have tiny cracks and gaps that let in moisture and air, which can throw off the balance of your attic environment. Sealing these is easy and increases your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Increase living area

A thorough attic cleaning is often all that stands between you and an extra playroom or new home office.

6. Save on energy bills

The attic’s role in efficient energy use is often forgotten or underplayed — but improving it through cleaning and regular maintenance can significantly affect your monthly heating and cooling bills by making it a more effective barrier against the weather.

7. Save yourself time and energy

We’re not going to lie — cleaning out an attic is dirty work! Save yourself the time and effort (as well as dramatically improve the safety and efficacy) by hiring MoldTech to do it for you.

8. Safe disinfection

One of the most common reasons for mold remediation is that DIY efforts have failed. If you have an attic mold problem, MoldTech’s training and safe, professional mold removal solutions ensure success if you have an attic mold problem. We pioneered the use of a biological mold removal solution that is safe non-toxic and doesn’t damage your home.

9. Air Quality Safety

Mold, pests, dust, and other attic problems can create a lot of safety concerns, especially if anyone in your family has asthma. Professional attic cleaning guarantees your safety through industrial quality air filtration and safe containment.

10. Eliminate mold once and for all!

We’ve saved the best for last — professional mold remediation in Toronto with MoldTech eliminates attic mold for good. We’ll help you get to the bottom of your mold issues and solve them before thoroughly cleaning and removing all mold or mold-affected materials, leaving your attic clean and fresh. 

How does your attic look? Contact the MoldTech team for a free visual mold inspection in Toronto or the GTA, and we’ll let you know!

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